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  • Mark Sutton

Trauma Can be a Powerful Awakening

Peter Levine has a belief that Trauma Can be healed and can be a powerful awakening.

It is not easy, in fact in damn well hurts, it is scary, it is fearful. I know, I have been there through grief and childhood woundings.

I also know I could not have had such joy in life if I had not started with "self-development" and continued into the pain and fear. I intrinsically knew that when I was confronted with pain, anger, fear and darkness this was where i was meant to be and that it was working. I did not spiritually bypass and move to something else. I opened a series of pandora's boxes and rummaged inside.

For me, the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release opened the boxes buried deepest, as a therapist I understood just how my fellow therapists supported, nurtured and loved me, even through my tantrums and ravings. They created safety. In turn I did the same for them. Together we have a bond. BBTRS was not just a training course, it was designed to allow us to go deep, to explore patterns and shadow, to release pain and trauma and to open to life.

The difference between my first module and my final was so marked as to be two different individuals.

To Giten Tonkov and Nisarga Eryk Dobosz , Thank you for bringing this to the world, it is profound.

For those of you out there who are suffering the effects of trauma I support and salute you for still being here. It takes courage.

It takes courage to try to change and I salute you too, those who are doing that by whatever means possible and available. I say stick with it, it hurts- but things will change, whatever modality you use explore it fully. To my Clients, friends and colleagues- you know i support your journey.

I am in awe of your bravery for being human and vulnerable. For not giving in in the face of odds.

I said when I graduated from training that we can only perhaps change the world one person at a time, but it would be enough. Is this then what Peter Levine is saying? That in the way a pebble tossed in a pond ripples outwards we have the chance to change the world.

I think so, it is part of the reason I do this.

With Love Mark

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