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Do you find passive meditations difficult or cannot seem to sit still?

Do you want to experience how movement, sound and breath can create space for change, stress release and transformation?

Do you like OSHO® Active meditations?

Then this is the group for you!

OSHO® Active Meditations are scientifically designed for the modern age. Each meditation begins with activity and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, sound, breathing and each has its own music specifically created to guide the participant through each stage. The active stages help to release accumulated tensions in the body-mind allowing the natural energy flow to move. This way, in the passive stages, you can move into stillness being the witness of whatever is happening inside. No Previous experience is required, loose clothing should be worn and yoga mats are useful.

All of the OSHO® Active meditations are shared according to the instructions in Meditation: The First and Last Freedom and each of them are accompanied by the music specifically created for them.

OSHO is a registered trademark of Osho International Foundation, used with permission,


Weekly Biodynamic Breathwork group Zoom event every Wednesday 7.30pm until 9pm

 Breath is a bridge between you and your body”-OSHO

This Breath workshop uses the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System®
Many of us in our life have been exposed to traumatic events. While Trauma can be devastating it can be used as a portal and means to personal growth and healing. BBTRS workshops can enable participants to uncover and let go the effects of trauma on their body and life.

There are six components to the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® Breath, Movement, Sound, Touch, Emotions and Meditation

For many, exposure to stress and traumatic experiences has resulted in our breathing becoming shallow and restricted. We release the energetic charge from past trauma and stress by activating the sympathetic Nervous System using a connected breathing technique. Connected breathing allows the very essence of your life force energy to flow through your body in a conscious way, clearing blocks and making space within to experience life. Touch and bodywork supports the opening of tense muscular tissue, as well as to comfort and bring safety during the session.

Once our body is charged with bioenergy, we encourage the physical release in the form of vibration and tremoring which discharges excess energy that has been trapped in our muscles. Emotions and feelings that have been suppressed and unacknowledged begin to rise to the surface following the opening of muscular tensness and an opportunity for deeper connection with our self and supports a life of emotional freedom and mastery.

This is a powerful immersion where you will first experience an active movement meditation to mobilise your body to begin to loosen tensions and stresses. You will then be guided, using connected breathing, to fill your body with oxygen and to fully release any trapped energy, emotions or trauma that is held within your body. Finally you will be supported to be present with yourself to integrate the experience.

As a Bio-Dynamic breath therapist, I will support you and hold space to allow you to fully express and release what has been held frozen in your body, allowing you to be your own healer.

This will be limited to a maximum of six participants and needs to be experienced. Whether you are looking for healing or are just curious about the power of breath-work, for more information or to book a place contact me:

Cost £5.
Your place will only be secured when you have paid for the event.

This workshop is NOT suitable for people with the following conditions:
cardiovascular problems, high or abnormal blood pressure, history of aneurysm, epilepsy or history of seizures, anyone on heavy medication, severe psychiatric symptoms – particularly psychosis or paranoia, bipolar disorder, osteoporosis, recent surgery, glaucoma, any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support, diabetes, extreme Asthma, those who are pregnant and people under the age of 18 years old.

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Somatic Soothing: Self-Regulatory Nervous System Exercises

Sunday, 29th August 2020 from 11:00-14:00, Zoom Event

A 3 hour Zoom workshop sharing somatic and psychological trauma relief interventions including Vagus nerve activation exercises, breathwork, simple meditation exercises and internal family systems techniques. This workshop will provide you with easy, effective, methods that you can use to self-sooth and maintain a balanced nervous system.
Our understanding of how trauma impacts on the Mind and Body has been rapidly expanding in recent years and one of the major advances has been, following Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, of the role of the Vagus nerve in regulating the nervous system following exposure to major stressful, traumatic and life-changing events .
As this field evolves, practitioners from all disciplines are beginning to combine their knowledge and teachings to enhance and improve healing from an integrative, holistic perspective on both the mind, body and nervous system. Mark Sutton and Charmain Berry have joined forces and designed a workshop which includes the combined power of both physical and psychological interventions to sooth and heal trauma and related symptoms.
Mark Sutton is a Somatic therapist with 15 years experience in the use of breathwork and 5 years experience as a Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release Practitioner, whilst Charmain Berry is a psychotherapist with 20 years experience. They are both experienced in working with trauma and are excited to share their knowledge and expertise on trauma focused interventions and self help strategies to reduce anxiety, manage overwhelm and create a deeper sense of safety.
Charmain will be sharing how to install safety places and internal cues in to the nervous system and will provide a brief overview of the Internal Family Systems model, describing how this relates to anxiety and stress related symptoms with techniques to gain a sense of empowerment and positive connection to physical and emotional sensations.
Mark will be sharing a number of meditations and resources during the day which include a meditation to clear negative emotions, a gentle, breathwork meditation to release tensions and trapped energy and simple practical exercises for activating the healing power of the Vagus nerve.

Tickets: Tickets can only be purchased through the eventbrite link below.

Refund Policy: A 50% refund is due up to two weeks before the event. No refunds are given after this time.

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