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OSHO Meditation groups, Immersive Breath workshops and Intimacy Workshops

Somatic Meditation 

Somatic meditations is an ideal way of enjoying the benefits of meditation without the discomfort or distraction of “just” sitting still – and, unlike yoga nidra, you don’t need to be good at visualisation either.

They are not a new idea. Whirling Dervishes and shamans rituals have been using such practices since ancient times.

Our meditations are of more recent origin. They were inspired by the spiritual teacher,Osho. He created them to help his Western students quieten their minds more easily. We also have our own somatic meditations based on his format.


Each session is an hour long, broken into different segments. Please arrive on time so that we can demonstrate the stages before we start. So that you can fully benefit from the music, which is designed to enhance your meditation, we suggest that you either wear headphones or connect your device to an external sound system.


For most of the meditations you will need:

  • Space to stand and move ( we encourage you to move on the spot)

  • Something to sit on so that it is easy to keep  your  spine upright - either an upright chair (where your legs can comfortably touch the floor) or a meditation  cushion (if you are used to sitting on one)

  • Something to lie on - a yoga mat, blanket or bed

  • Something to cover you should you get cool when we come to stillness.

The most important thing is your comfort so bring whatever works for you.  

To begin with, we will be teaching a cycle of 6 meditations, one each week. We have taught them in our workshops for years but teaching them on line is a new venture for us.

To begin with, we will be teaching a cycle of 6 meditations, one each week. We have taught them in our workshops for years but teaching them on line is a new venture for us.

This meditation focuses on our bodies’ sensory experiences. It includes movement, touch and conscious breathing. It is a powerful way to become fully aware of the whole of your being.

2. OSHO Kundalini Meditation®
This meditation focuses on movement and opening ourselves to the sounds of the meditation. It is a beautiful way to relax and become fully present to ourselves.

The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process vocally and energetically guided by Jeru and includes evocative classical music to accelerate personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs.

4. OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation®
This is a sitting meditation focused on sound (humming) and slow movement. It is less active than most of these meditations but not any the less powerful for this. It generates expansiveness and gratitude.

5. OSHO Mandala Meditation™
This meditation involves both repetitive and random movements. It is particularly good for letting go of emotional stress and trauma.

Becoming more aware of our senses is a powerful way for us to open ourselves to pleasure, even if we are alone. This is a relaxing, joyful experience. You will need to bring some bite sized pieces of your favourite nibble.

Helen has practicing tantra for over 20 years. For many years she taught tantra first as Tantra North, and more recently, with Sacred Light Tantra. She has withdrawn from formal teaching in order to write. Helen has a background in both alternative and orthodox medicine.
“I am delighted to be offering these meditations, both for my own pleasure and yours”
Mark has been a Trauma Informed Breathwork Practitioner for 6 years. Prior to this he taught Tantra as Tantra Awakenings. Mark has a background in Science as well as alternative therapies. In 2016 he undertook certified training as a facilitator for OSHO Meditations, the certification can be found here



Cost per session £5

You can pay on a session by session basis using the links provided.

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Weekly Biodynamic Breathwork group Zoom event every Wednesday 7.30pm until 9pm

 Breath is a bridge between you and your body”-OSHO

This Breath workshop uses the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System®
Many of us in our life have been exposed to traumatic events. While Trauma can be devastating it can be used as a portal and means to personal growth and healing. BBTRS workshops can enable participants to uncover and let go the effects of trauma on their body and life.

There are six components to the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® Breath, Movement, Sound, Touch, Emotions and Meditation

For many, exposure to stress and traumatic experiences has resulted in our breathing becoming shallow and restricted. We release the energetic charge from past trauma and stress by activating the sympathetic Nervous System using a connected breathing technique. Connected breathing allows the very esse
nce of your life force energy to flow through your body in a conscious way, clearing blocks and making space within to experience life. Touch and bodywork supports the opening of tense muscular tissue, as well as to comfort and bring safety during the session.

Once our body is charged with bioenergy, we encourage the physical release in the form of vibration and tremoring which discharges excess energy that has been trapped in our muscles. Emotions and feelings that have been suppressed and unacknowledged begin to rise to the surface following the opening of muscular tensness and an opportunity for deeper connection with our self and supports a
life of emotional freedom and mastery.

This is a powerful immersion where you will first experience an active movement meditation to mobilise your body to begin to loosen tensions and stresses. You will then be guided, using connected breathing, to fill your body with oxygen and to fully release any trapped energy, emotions or trauma that is held within your body. Finally you will be supported to be present with yourself to integrate the experience.

As a Bio-Dynamic breath therapist, I will support you and hold space to allow you to fully express and release what has been held frozen in your body, allowing you to be your own healer.

This will be limited to a maximum of six participants and needs to be experienced. Whether you are looking for healing or are just curious about the power of breath-work, for more information or to book a place contact me:

Cost £5.
Your place will only be secured when you have paid for the event.

This workshop is NOT suitable for people with the following conditions:
cardiovascular problems, high or abnormal blood pressure, history of aneurysm, epilepsy or history of seizures, anyone on heavy medication, severe psychiatric symptoms – particularly psychosis or paranoia, bipolar disorder, osteoporosis, recent surgery, glaucoma, any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support, diabetes, extreme Asthma, those who are pregnant and people under the age of 18 years old.


Weekly Biodynamic Breathwork group Zoom event every Wednesday 7.30pm until 9pm.
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“Breath is a bridge between you and your body”-OSHO


















Cost £5
Link to session:

Fast Track Relax: Creating Calm in a Turbulent World.

Saturday 18th November, 1pm to 5pm, Mytholmroyd

In this workshop we teach well tried methods of achieving deep, effective relaxation. Everyone has preferred ways to do this, so in this session we teach several.

Not all relaxing is created equal. Flopping and doing nothing, or distracting ourselves with our phones, TV,( and other ways of passively relaxing) , does allow us to physically rest and distract our minds. However, relaxation can do so much more.

Effective relaxation is a form of self-healing. It engages the mind/body in such a way that you become revitalised as well as relaxed. Not only does this feel great but also you are resetting your body’s inner equilibrium and reducing your stress levels. It has a positive effect on stress hormone levels, the immune system, as well as anxiety, depression and even trauma symptoms. This kind of relaxing is active, it requires effort, at least to begin with.

There are a number of methods that can achieve this kind of relaxation. We will be using several, including the popular theory of dorsal vagal nerve activation. The aim is to balance the sympathetic (adrenalin response) and the parasympathetic (vagal response) branches of our autonomic nervous system. This is an unconscious part of our nervous system that regulates our stress response to our surroundings. Its balanced function is essential for well-being.

How do you know if you are relaxing effectively? You will notice changes in your awareness, feel different in yourself, physically and emotionally. The strength of these changes varies, depending on how deeply you have relaxed.

. Please note there are 2 flights of steps to the venue.

Link to Tickets:


Loving and Being Loved: Using The Wisdom Of The Body To Find New Ways Of Relating. Sunday 28th April, 2024, 1pm to 5pm, Mytholmroyd

A relationship can be the most rewarding or the most challenging experience of our lives. Often it is both.

If we understand the unconscious aspects that are influencing how we relate, we have a much better chance of keeping our relationships happy and healthy. This understanding is particularly crucial when things get tricky.

In this workshop we help you access the wisdom of your body. In this way you experience, for yourself, how you relate. Your insights can:

1. Reveal how past experiences are influencing your current (and future) relationships.

2. Offer you the opportunity to let go of sabotaging patterns that undermine your relationships.

3. Help you create a personal blueprint for healthy relationships.

Mark and Helen are experienced therapists and workshop facilitators with many years of experience.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. You do not need to be in relationship to attend. All are welcome irrespective of age, or gender. No previous experience is needed. Please note there are 2 flights of steps to the venue.

Link to Tickets:


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Mark Sutton: BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release System Practitioner
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