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Mark Sutton. Tantra, Relationship, sex and Intimacy coach. Cheshire, United Kingdom and Meath and Laois, Ireland


Mark Sutton: 

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release

Dedicated. Non-judgemental. Genuine.


I pursued my first career in the Scientific Field. After my successful scientific Career I engaged my passion of 20 years and moved professionally into specific areas of Breathwork and human development. In 2012 I began working in the fields of Tantra, Relationship Coaching and Massage.
In uncovering my own childhood traumas, I began to take an interest in how i could support others in their recovery. In 2014,I discovered the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma release system and I undertook the professional training programme. 15 months later, after an immense journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation I became, in June 2016, a certified BBTRS practitioner to share this work with others..
I have worked, assisted and trained with some of the top teachers in the world and hold qualifications in massage, Personal and relationship coaching, Tantra, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, OSHO Meditation and in the newly emerging and powerful Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System. I have been through the experience of the techniques myself, I understand the challenges, the pitfalls and the joy that comes with success, the sense of achievement, self-worth, confidence and joy when we as individuals manifest our hopes and dreams into reality

I provide individual 1:1 BBTRS sessions, facilitates breathwork groups and larger workshops.  I  am intuitive and empathic and create the environment while working with clients to enable them to experience life and love to the fullest using this unique and incredibly powerful system. While I have specialised as a BBTRS practitioner, all my training, the combination of body-work, breath-work, the bioenergetic techniques of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, cognitive behavioural therapy and coaching Techniques provide a cutting edge and powerful system for supporting my clients to release trauma from their body.

I am based In Todmorden and serves the North West of the UK.

Relevant Qualifications:

  • Certified Advanced Relationship Coach, Irish Lifecoach Institute.

  • Fetac Level 6: Train The Trainer, Workshop and Presentation Delivery.

  • Certificate of Mastery, Urban Tantra Practitioner Training Programme.

  • Personal Development and Life-coaching Tutor Training, Irish Lifecoach Institute.

  • Diploma in Personal and Business and Coaching, Irish Life Coach institute.

  • Fragrance of The Lotus Tantra Teaching Programme, Chandra Bindu Institute.

  • Assistant to Dawn Cartwright, Fragrance of the Lotus Tantra Teacher Training programme.

  • Diploma in CBT, The Counselling Institute, Glasgow.

  • CIBTAC and ITEC in Massage, Swedish and Holistic Massage, Portlaoise College of Beauty Therapy.

  • Certified OSHO Meditation Facilitator.

  • CPD Certification Understanding Sexual Trauma (an Introduction).

  • CPD Certification Working Creatively with Sexual Trauma. 

  • CPD Certification Working with Attachment Issues In Adults.

  • Certified Bio-dynamic Breath and Trauma Release System Practitioner.

  • BBTRS Special Skills Workshop: Healing developmental Trauma - Returning to our Essence.

  • September 2020-March 2021 Mentor, BBTRS Online training

  • May 2021-December 2021 Mentor, BBTRS Online training

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