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Segmental Armouring: The 7 Belts of Tension

Wilhelm Reich's Belts of Tension.

According to Reich’s segmental armouring theory there are 7 segments running at right angles to our natural flow of energy, these segments are composed of bands of muscles and it is muscular contractions in these segments that result muscular armouring and blocks which show one segment overcharged and the segments above and below it undercharged. These segments may be considered analogous to the Chakra system of Eastern philosophy and are as follows:

1.      Ocular or Eye (scalp, forehead, eyes, cheeks, ears and the base of the skull).

2.      Oral (Mouth and Jaw).

3.      Cervical (Throat, Tongue and Neck).

4.      Thoracic (Chest, shoulders and upper back, arms and hands).

5.      Diaphragm (Lower sternum, lower ribs, and the organs underneath the diaphragm).

6.      Abdominal (The Belly).

7.      Pelvic (muscles of the pelvis and lower limbs).


When working with BBTRS©  we work within Reich’s framework and take a top down approach to releasing the tension in each segment: this first creates a pathway for the energy within the pelvic region to move freely throughout the body.

There are three approaches used when dissolving body armouring in each of the seven segments:

  1. Deep breathing to build up energy in the body.

  2. Direct manipulation chronically tense muscles to loosen them

  3. Dealing openly with whatever resistances or emotional restrictions arise.

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