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Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release (BBTRS)©


Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for the work we have done together.  It has plugged me into a whole different world on the inside of me.  I natural way of contacting what is happening within and flowing with it in a safe and freeing way.  The sessions have really touched me deeply and enabled me to relax at a very deep level in a profoundly relieving way.  In the aftermath I always felt calmer, more peaceful and more grounded.  I strongly feel that this was due not only to the method itself, but also in large part to your facilitation.  Your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for this practice comes across, but equally important - I felt that I was in the hands of a natural healer and someone who in a very down to earth way, genuinely and from the heart cared about the work and about me.  This is what enabled me to trust, open and go with the flow.
Pam October 2021.

Anyone can have trauma and may seek healing and relise.
, it took me many years to accept i had to walk down this road and im so glad i did. Not only that but i found the most amazing practitioner who really helped guide me into the right directions in a safe place with an amazing group who i became to feel very connected and relaxed with.
I miss these sessions so much but i have learned alot from them and gathered pieces of information about myself throughout each session, allowing myself to accept but let go of the trauma piece by piece. It can be a super tough road to walk down facing these fears and realisations and breathing through the pain but its also enlightening and powerfull work and i have fealt pure sensations of bliss throughout these sessions. The breath is a powerfull thing and what suprised me the most it the healing benefits our breath allows us to edure and the sensations we can expirence whilst using biodynamic breath techniques. Bringing focus to the body and letting the breath work through you will help you become so much aware of whats going on inside, we try mask away day after day from our feelings without even realising the damage we are doing to ourselfs.
Thank you Mark sutton , i will be forever grateful for these life changing sessions. I may still have a long way to go but i feel blessed knowing i have unleashed something within and gone through the shift. Thanks for holding such a safe space. I am hoping i can find someone and somewhere just as amazing over in Australia 👌 Mark Sutton

T.P Dec 2019


"defiantly another intense, powerful yet beautiful session.

Mark Sutton: Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release PractitionerI want to thank you for spending the time and sharing this space with me for the past 5months , I don't know what I was expecting but it surly has blown me away. Each session I am left feeling a sense of understanding with myself and the world yet the healing continues days, weeks if not months after. Its a tough process but for the first time ever I'm not hiding away behind anything and I am dealing with it head on, so that's something. Although I am finding it hard recently. I have had moments in this space where I have felt pure bliss so thank you. Although I may not be attending another session, this makes me sad as I will be leaving back to start my life over. But I feel I have some tools to take along with me although the real magic I find happens within these sessions.


T.P. Oct 2019

I’ve had 2 sessions with Mark and I have to say, I can feel a huge difference in myself. I felt safe and supported during the sessions and free to release whatever I was holding onto. In both sessions I released lots of energy, even my face was twitching at one point. In my second session, the release seemed to trigger uncontrollable laughter at times which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed.

I didn’t expect to feel so different after the sessions. I have felt much more positive and free to be my true self. I feel like my heart has opened and I am more connected to people and my environment. Like i’m finally in a space where i can experience my true nature. And grateful, I feel very grateful.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone. We are all holding on to things that don’t serve us and we don’t realise how much it’s holding us back.

Mark is a tremendous facilitator, thank you for offering this ground breaking service.
N.T. September 2019

Good morning Mark,

I feel compelled to email you this morning after last nights workshop!

I really feel there was a massive shift last night as I was, first the first time, really able to fully engage and release so much. It is the first time EVER that I have felt the separateness of my ever-chattering mind and my body and that the two were able to do there own thing alongside each other. Previously my mind has tried to control, judge and shame my body whilst my body has been racked with tension and pain, unable to free any of it with any lasting effect. Last night my body was finally able to let go and, after the initial fear and emotions, it rejoiced in the release. It was wonderful to experience, especially without having to relate it to specific situations and whilst still feeling very much in control. The feeling of being able to slow my breath down and go to my particular memory and switch between the two was really very empowering. (I felt that I couldn't find a particular spot in my body as there was nowhere that wasn't in pain or felt safe but the memory worked very well.) I was ecstatic! I had a genuine deep rooted sensation of pleasure throughout my body that I can't remember feeling before. And the possibility that my body can experience feelings other than pain and discomfort is life changing.

I have suffered multiple traumas - inherited traumas, childhood trauma, half a dozen surgeries, a serious car accident and a twenty year abusive marriage with a covert narcissist which left me with Complex PTSD and unable to work (not to mention past life trauma!). I have spent the last three years after ending my marriage trying to heal, researching and trying 'alternative' therapies to avoid medication and traditional NHS treatments as I felt they would simply not work at the level I wanted and needed. Although I have recovered amazingly well and am so much happier and calmer, I began to realise just how much pain my body held; something I was previously unaware of as I regarded it as normal. From the research I've done I began to realise that the pain I was experiencing was body armouring and unreleased trauma and that my nervous system, although greatly improved, was not functioning properly at all. Last night I felt like everything I had learned finally came together. I felt like I had 'come home', if that makes sense. I was absolutely euphoric.

This morning my body is very tired and perhaps a little sore but completely different. I feel like it actually belongs to me, like my limbs are attached and it's all functioning properly. I feel like I have energy running through it, like my blood circulation has just been switched back on, as if it was not working before. The stiffness and pain has eased incredibly and any habitual tension that is trying to creep back seems to be highlighted and thrown out. And despite my tiredness, I am still euphoric!

I appreciate that this may not be the end of the road and that all my troubles are over but this is certainly a very exciting beginning. I can't wait, (after plenty of rest), to 'try out' my new body! And the thought of breathing and shaking again - of 'feeling' again - is nothing short of exhilarating.

I know you said you would be checking in with us all as part of your aftercare but I couldn't wait to give you this feedback! With huge thanks for your work, your professional yet relaxed approach and your knowledge and skill. Thank you. Thank you.

E.B. June 2019


Hi Mark,
Thank you so much for yesterday Eve. I slept better than i Have for 54 weeks. And have felt pretty relaxed and positive so far this morning. Thank you. Thank you. X
R.L June 2019


Had a really deep session with Mark. He held space all the way threw the process really well. I felt very safe threw the breathwork while I did lots of releasing. I would highly recommend him to people to work with him. I will be continuing my healing with Mark in the future. Thank you mark. X
PR, March 2019

Hi Mark just checking in with you. Thank you so much for an incredible session. Such a profound experience. I felt so peaceful and calm after the session and that feeling has continued. I have definately experienced a major shift. The 'thing' that I couldnt shift has gone. I am really thankful. I wasnt totally sure what would happen but I knew it was right for me and it was. What amazing skills you have. Xx
SH, February 2019

This is something completely unique and different than anything I have experienced before

Eva, June 2018



Super ace breathworks session this week, I highly recommend Mark as a practitioner, thank you.
SS, June 2018


Iv done a lot of work on myself especially in the last couple of years... but the deepest stuff has felt untouched. Like I had stuffed it down so deep it had become morphed inside of me. The greatest traumas can happen when you have no idea how to process that pain... and so you stuff it down further and further... glossing over it in therapy but never really touching the core trauma that's rooted within your body. Through Biodynamics Breathworks I found a key to unlock it.. each session has been different. Some feeling freeing and empowering... some feeling like I had a crazed beast inside me I didn't know how to let out! It was a little unnerving at times but the level of presence and support from Mark..throughout all sessions has been exceptional. I felt held, encouraged and supported at all times... often through quite challenging releases which he held such a calm and comforting space I felt empowered and gained strength within the abandonment of the release. It's hard to put into words how incredible this has felt.. and I'm left with huge gratitude to him and to myself for allowing it to happen. I feel it's been a vital and important step in my journey... and I highly recommend Biodynamic Breathwork and Mark who is a very experienced therapist and lovely kind soul.
LV. January, 2018


Deep. Multi-layered. Freeing.

AD. April, 2017


It was an amazing experience, the energy raised was so strong. He held the space afterwards...made me feel safe. That allowed me a final release. Thank you so Much x

TF. March, 2017


I let go of trauma....Mark intuitively knew how to help release it. He held the space for me and guided me. Profound Healing in this session occurred.

HQ. Feb, 2017

Super- I got rid of a lot of baggage today. Walking out of here a different Woman :).

AH June,. 2016

Workshops and Groups


Hi Mark

I just wanted to say thank you to you for giving up your Wednesday evenings.

I’m finding the weekly session so beneficial. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt for such a long time, listening to my intuition and really enjoying life despite how crazy the rest of the world seems right now.

It’s as though I’ve got this bubble around me that keeps out all the noise and chaos.
SM, October 2020


"Attended my first workshop with Mark. It included Touchwork with the Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release system. The two modalities work beautifully together aided by the gentle and warm encouragement Mark offers to guide you safely through the process. He intuitively knows when to push you and hold back allowing you full ownership of your experience and healing. Should you wish to disclose the details of your healing and release, Mark creates a warm and intimate environment in wish to do so. And equally it is ok not to share should that be your wish. There is no judgement either way....just a safe and sacred space to release and heal what is needed."
S.W. August 2019

Thank you Mark for an amazing life transforming weekend where results certainly went beyond any perceptions or expectations!  Unexpected twists & turns all held in a very safe, neutral & compassionate space.  A genuine professional, honest & dedicated therapist who uses his intuition & open heart to impart wisdom, experiences, teachings & guidance.

 As a healer myself & a lover of different healing methods, I can honestly say I've never received so much powerful & intense healing in the space of a weekend.  Answers to so many personal questions, so much inner awareness, expression, clearances of emotional blockages & healing on all different levels.

 Loved the sexual exploration, awakening and the new found self love/appreciation.  Not to mention the powerful experience of ecstatic

 states through my orgasmic sexual energy! Each exercise brought its own surprises but outcomes were mind blowing & amazing! My feet have just touched the ground after a wonderful, emotional but fun & an unforgettable weekend.

My gratitude goes beyond words, forever indebted!!  Keep up the powerful work, it takes a therapist to do therapy & an exceptional person to facilitate powerful healing & life changing transformations!  I’ll be happily singing along with life now, now that I have blossomed & found how to dance & perform with my own inner flute!


Sandra, June 2015



Please keep doing what you are doing…


Eoin (Dublin)


I attended Mark Sutton's workshop on Stress in Portlaoise on the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend and i appreciated his very warm welcome. In a relaxed environment i listened to his factual presentation style and took part in some prepared written exercises that enlightened me on what was causing me stress, why it was causing me stress and how i would cope into the future armed with my new skills.  Mark is a very warm character, his back ground in life coaching is of huge benefit throughout his workshop as he listens attentively and guides you to reach some conclusions for yourself. I would highly recommend his workshops, and be keen to return to another that might interest me. Thanks Mark

Suzanne (Ireland)

Firstly, thank you so much for a wonderful days experience. We both really enjoyed it. It was a major stepping stone in our journey into Tantra. As you know M was very nervous going into it, but in the space you held, she allowed herself to open and experienced so much. She is already looking forward to her next session. We are  enjoying our 'homework' and practising our breathing and touch. See you soon.

Molly & John (Ireland)

A wonderful, enriching, life affirming experience. Thank you! 

Rene (Ireland)

A week later, still savouring the bliss. Thank you.

Therese (Dublin)

Just a little note to send you the biggest Thank you for an incredibly wonderful, invigorating, awakening, growth inspiring day on Sunday!

The exercises and chats were great, and your home, lovely lunch and way of facilitation were superb. I feel that the level 1 course opened me up in a big way, and level 2 has really built on that. I feel awakened, alive, connected and more completely taking part in the sexual and sensual energies of the universe as a result. I have already noticed some big shifts. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Leslie (Ireland) 

Thank you for such a profound weekend. I got so much out of it.. Breath is so powerful, so beautiful, so sacred. 

Anne (South Africa)

Awesome, blissful!!! The techniques used are some in my daily routine. The facilitation via demonstative and interactive on energtic levels with co participants certainly added a new dimension the experience. 

Siva (South Africa)

Best workshop ever! More please.. Wow! Love Love Love

Marlene (Ireland)


Thank you sincerely for the wonderful experience of my recent visit. I have waited to see if the feeling of well being would last, and I am happy to say that not only is it lasting, but it is increasing each day. I have found an inner peace which I did not know existed - 

When I think of the benefits which I am enjoying, I think of you, and I thank you. 

Long may you continue to offer the beautiful and beneficial services which you do so well. 

Yours in gratitude,

Terrence  (Waterford)


Thank you for your help in opening a door to a much much fuller experience of life. 

I was nervous and unsure about what I would experience and what might arise in our time together. However, your warmth and generosity made me feel very safe to experience both breathwork and touch.

What I learned with you has become something central in my life. Altogether life seems brighter, lighter, softer and far more sensual. My learning and experience of living continues to unfold in a lovely way. 

Thank you for your help in enabling me to re-connect with a gentle sensual aliveness that I had lost touch with. 

Alistair (Limerck)


Hi Mark. Many thanks for the wonderful massage and relationship session I had with you on Sunday afternoon. Once again I came away with a great feeling of relaxation, and a greater understanding of my feelings, emotions and my anxieties.

I have to complement you on your professional and understanding awareness with the way you dealt with my issues. You made it so easy for me to relax and work with you,  you have the amazing quality of been able to listen to what I had to say and to provide a safe and trusting environment for me to respond. At no time did I feel shy or embarrassed during the session.

Thanks once again for all the help that you have given to me and making me so welcome.

Warmest regards, John (Dublin)


Thank you for the beautiful day’s workshop in Dublin last Sunday.

My initial trepidations were quickly dispelled.  I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting, spiritual  and  wholesome experience to be with so many other like-minded individuals, young and not-so-young, single and couples.  I also commend you for your sparkling, yet easy-going professionalism in allaying the anxieties of some of us and gradually steering us ever deeper into our selves, with us managing to shed any embarrassments we might otherwise have had only a few hours earlier.  You created a very secure, privy and trusting environment for all. 
J.J. (Dublin) Sept 2016 



Thank you  for the wonderful experience Sunday past, we really enjoyed ourselves and now realise how Tantra is woven into the fabric of life. The exercises brought back many fond memories that we have shared over the years and were supressed by the confinements of modern life, however you kindly awoke same through the breath of life and the sharing of ones feelings , scenes and passions from within an without. Through you love and sincerity you have ignited the flame of Tantra in our hearts, bodies and minds.

Lots and Lots of Love

T and M (Dublin) Sept 2016




I've really been feeling fantastic post workshop! Very joyful and relaxed and I feel connecting with people in a really relaxed way that's a bit hard to describe. It's a really powerful way to create an energetic shift (and I didn't really feel I had sky particular blocks - but sure I suppose we all do. Thank you both again and I've been telling all my friends and work colleagues that I'm friends with how cool it was !) . I can really see how useful this would be for clients with health issues connected to prior abuse situations. Anyway wonderful to be aware of this new (to me) healing (and sexy and fun!) modality! Thanks to both of you again, You're doing great work !  (Oops double "thanks again" there above but sure you deserve it

Aoine (Dublin)



Yesterdays Tantra workshop was such a real awakening. Caroline and I had one of the best days together yesterday. You guided gently into lovely breathing, relaxation and movements, all in a very safe, loving environment. Feeling lovely and rejuvenated all over. Looking forward to your Level 2 workshop. Much Love  xx

Eoin (Dublin)



Thank you so much for a wonderful day yesterday. It was invigorating, exciting, restful, peaceful, healing, stimulating and lots more besides. I look forward to your next course. 

Donagh (Dublin)


An amazing weekend with awesome discoveries. Thank you! 

Lynn (South Africa)


Best workshop ever! More please.. Wow! Love Love Love 

Marlene (Cork)


Excellent! And so generous with your time, energy and love..  Thank you so much for the beautiful experiences! xxx

Lee (Dublin)


It could have been longer ;) Only joking, but honestly, I could have done it forever!!

Cara (Cork)


Driving to the Tantra Level One workshop, I felt quite nervous... although I had read about Tantra as a method of personal and societal transformation, as an Irish ‘cultural Catholic’, this was way outside my comfort zone.

But I needn’t have worried. I immediately felt at home. The workshop space was really comfortable, with yoga mats and plenty of squishy cushions. This was more like meeting friends for the kind of meaningful conversations people usually have at 2am, when the world is asleep, and every idea seems fresh and new.

During the morning, Mark guided us through three different active meditations, each of which used movement and breath in different ways. After each, we shared with the group how we had experienced the meditations and discovered that each person had a different experience. For me, the Osho Chakra Breathing was the most powerful, bringing with it images of a winged serpent in flight.

Having spent the morning inwardly connecting with ourselves, and discussing our experiences with the group, in the afternoon we focused on ways to connect with another person through sight and words. First, we shared with the group the negative thoughts we would like to leave outside, like fear and guilt, and the positive things we wanted to bring to the group like fun and laughter.  We learned how to appreciate and honour each other as sentient beings, and how to ask for the simple things that we want.  The final exercise, awakening the senses, was a playful introduction into how we experience the world through our senses, and tuning in to each one.

The last few moments of the workshop felt really special. We sat in silence, facing each other, reflecting on the day we had spent learning to connect with ourselves and each other.  The sense of connectedness was tangible, as if we had been travelling companions on a long journey.  Soon, we would all head home, each in a different direction. But even now, over a week later, that sense of connection has remained.

The workshop was an amazing experience for me, and I recommend it to everyone, especially if you’re feeling in any way disconnected from life or the people around you.

I have come to understand that humankind has the knowledge and the power to make this world a better place: One person at a time, one breath at a time. Namaste.


Pat (Kildare)  

I attended Taste of Tantra and it was a wonderfully re-energising day. Mark's facilitation was well paced and supportive for beginners and the material included a great intro or refresher into breathwork. I heartily recommend it. x

Ailish (Dublin)


A wonderfully self nurturing way to spend a day! Challenging, relaxing, invigorating and thought provoking! Thank you. 


Tanya  (Kildare)



Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful day. A really lovely experience. Thank you from my heart. 


Jim (Kilkenny)



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