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Individual Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release Sessions

Breath, Movement, Touch, Sound, Emotions, Meditation

It can perhaps be conjectured that unresolved trauma is responsible for a majority of the illnesses of modern mankind.”
Peter A. Levine


Covid-19 and face to face sessions.

There will be some changes to one to one sessions to limit potential cross infection, these are in line with the recommendations of the Federation of Holistic Therapists . I will only be taking a limited number of clients and only 1 per day. This will enable me to air the room and clean the areas and handrails thoroughly after each session and wash all towels and cloth material.

Importantly, any form of breath and bodywork will involve moving within 2 metres, you should be ok with this. (if not we have an option of online sessions).

All Initial meetings and sessions will be undertaken in the session room to limit movement.

If you require water, you can bring your own, or small bottles will be provided.

Please wash your hands upon entry and clean down areas you have touched in the Bathrrom. If you are planning to come by public transport, then please bring a change of clothing and suitable bag to put the old clothing in and change in the facilities provided. Towels, handwash etc. will be provided.

Masks: I will be wearing a suitable mask and this is mandated by the government, there is no requirement for you to do so, but you will need to be comfortable with me wearing a mask.

In the event that you are showing symptoms, you should not proceed with the session. Similarly, if you have been in contact with a COVID positive individual you should not proceed with the session. I will not hold sessions if I have symptoms of have been in contact with someone who is positive or has had symptoms.

For those who have been to see me before and have completed the intake form, when you book a session, I will include a supplementary COVID-19 form as recommended by the FHT. This includes sections on compliance with current government regulations: to keep myself and my clients safe I will only accept face to face clients who fully comply with these regulations.

Is this is your first time for the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System, then this form will be sent alongside the standard Intake form

As always, your safety and wellbeing is uppermost in my work. During these exceptional times your understanding on these measures is very much appreciated. These procedures may change depending on any data and information provided by reliable sources such as the CDC, WHO or The UK Government.


The six elements of the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System (BBTRS®) are designed to enable and support the body's natural means releasing emotional trauma, self-limiting patterns and chronic tension. While specific issues can be dealt with, unconscious historical patterns can be uncovered enabling you to act with more presence and awareness and opening to joy, self acceptance, connection, intimacy and relaxation.

I support you in this release, created from a place of safety, to explore your feelings and the spaces created within your body. You will be supported to establish supportive internal resources for safety and comfort. I will 
 support you and hold space to allow you to fully express and release what has been held frozen in your body and re-regulate your nervous system, allowing you to be your own healer.

Prior to the initial session:

Together we will discuss your reasons for commencing working with BBTRS®, symptoms you are experiencing, any possible contraindications, medications you are taking and outcomes you are looking for. I will provide you with a form for you to complete and bring with you on the initial session.

Booking sessions:

Sessions are by appointment only and payment is required prior to the session, Bank details will be sent when the session is booked. It is your responsibility to notify me of any changes within a reasonable time period, and to arrive on time for sessions. You should allow 2 hours for a session.


In general, sessions are conducted in my clinic space in Todmorden, a visiting service is possible within a reasonable driving distance, this may incur an extra cost for travel and time.

Initial session:

In this initial session we will run through the intake form and discuss the BBTRS® process and answer any queries or questions you may have. We will then proceed with he breathwork session itself.

Subsequent Sessions:

In subsequent sessions, we will recap on the previous session and discuss how things are progressing for you. The BBTRS® process is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs on the day and moving forward.

Structure of a Session:

Following the initial check in, I will guide you into self-resourcing for the session. We will then move into the breathwork session itself which lasts between 50 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes and can be done lying, sitting or even standing. I will support release via touch, movement or specific physical movement or sound exercises. You will then move to a stillness session to integrate what has happened. Finally, we will discuss the session and any exercises that may further support release between sessions.

After Care:

This is a very powerful system and continued release can occur after the session is finished, this is particularly the case in the beginning. I will be in touch within 48 hours to see how you are getting on, and am available by email to answer any queries you may have and introduce any exercises that can further support you.

Between Sessions:

We will work together to see how continued release can be supported between sessions. This could be meditative exercises, lifestyle changes, physical exercises, simple exercises to re-regulate the nervous system or any other process that will support you.

How Many Sessions and how often?


This is a common question I am asked. Each individual response to trauma is unique as is each type of trauma and so what is needed is unique. People with a specific concern have at times only needed one or two sessions. Those who have complex trauma or complex developmental trauma in general need more sessions over a longer time period. It is common at the beginning for people to have a session once a week or once every two weeks, particularly at the start of the process.


Becoming your own healer:

My aim is to enable you to become your own healer. Once we have begun to re-regulate your nervous system and you are feeling that your concerns and symptoms have become more manageable. We will work together on a practice or home programme to enable you you to bring this work into your life: This may be how to do breathwork at home, particular exercises for soothing, looking at lifestyle changes, meditations or any other processes that  resonate with you to enable you to move forward.
Frequently, clients do book sessions if they feel they need a more powerful session than a home practice, there is n requirement to do so, but it is wonderful when clients are able to self-regulate and come back to tell me how they are doing in monthly, bi monthly, quartely or even six month sessions. 


Mark Sutton: BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release System Practitioner
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