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  • Mark Sutton

Do You Feel Safe to Feel?

Safety in Trauma

We all at times feel unsafe, think about the last time you felt unsafe. What was the situation you were in? How did you feel in that situation? Could you imagine what it's like to not only feel that 24/7 but to have this happening because of your relationship with your own feelings within your body?

I say that I am in awe of the people I work with because they are the most amazing people to face this terror and look to move beyond it. It is an honour, and responsibility, to support them given the trust they show me. It is one reason, that for me, the support I offer moves far beyond the session itself but continues between sessions. I feel it is the same with all the practitioners I trained with. We went through this and faced our own demons and shadow: we know what it is like to feel the terror and feel what can happen afterwards.

I am in awe too of those who are still here, those who without any support at all, maintain their existence. It shows the resilience of the human spirit in the face of such odds.

Often though, they do not see it themselves, they feel they are broken and worthless, that things cannot be changed and sometimes they are shamed for it. But still they go on. Isn't that worth acknowledging? That they may be amongst the bravest people you have ever or will ever meet? They fight a battle every day to exist on our society.

So reading this, if you know someone like this:

Acknowledge their fight, see them, support them simply by doing this. It will make a difference.


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